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To help children develop new interests and or improve on skills, the afterschool program will be offering the listed clubs below for the winter and spring season.

Children participating: 


  • will need to make a commitment and attend all days

  • will need to make sure that their schedules do not conflict with other extra- curricular activities

  • will be responsible for bringing in some materials required for the activity

  • will need to be picked up after the club has concluded


There is a one time commitment fee of $15 (cash) for all clubs

except for tennis, where the fee is $20 (cash)  .


Spots in clubs are limited but every effort will be made to ensure everyone has an opportunity to participate in at least one club.


The clubs that are offered may change based on the interests of the children.

Some Of Our Clubs:

  • Engineering

  • Soccer

  • Basketball

  • Tennis

  • Art

  • Ice Skating

Kids in Technology Class

All clubs on hold due to Covid 19

For more information please review our Covid 19 Policy

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